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Limousin's Gateways, come inside !

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 Location and presentation:

The Val de vienne , composed of 9 districts, is only a few miles from Limoges, in the South west, and is easily accessible by car, by train or by bus from Limoges where an international airport welcomes thousands of visitors.

It's mainly a rural area where cattle breeding is still dominant, thus, undoubtedly, you'll see the  iconic cows grazing peacefully in the fields!

What to do:

The landscape is hilly, green, and crisscrossed by numerous streams and the river "Vienne" which makes it an ideal place for canoeing and fishing.

Thanks to an strange  walking stick that talks, you will discover the remarquable natural heritage of the banks of the river Vienne. ( free of charge, at the tourist office) 

Horse riding biking and rambling can  be enjoyed thanks to two equestrian centres and  many paths : the visitor  will discover the territory 's natural secrets and heritage like the genuine villages, farms,and religious heritage.

What to see:

Porcelaine of course!! You can visit the factory and shop at the "Maison de la porcelaine" at Aixe sur Vienne but also "Le Trèfle" at Sereilhac. 

Arts and crafts like enamelling, woodcarving, painting, .... 

Castles to visit, gardens to enjoy, a mill by the river which is also a museum...

No doubt, you won't get bored!!

Don't hesitate to phone or to visit the tourist office, English is spoken, and you'll get all the information you need for your accommodation ( hotels, campsite, guest houses) and your stay!