Nature: Hiking, biking or just having a walk?

Make your choice!

 Several topographical maps are available (at the tourist office or  in the French section of this website) if you fancy hiking.

If you prefer a quiet stroll, you'll enjoy 4 different parks at Aixe sur Vienne, many paths in the "forêt des Loges" at Saint Priest sous Aixe which is a protected area, a wonderful park around the Château at Bosmie L'Aiguille, and you can have a walk around a lake at Séreilhac.

The " GR 654" and one of the trails to Santiage de Compostela cross the Val de Vienne.

Biking can also be practiced through all these paths!

What about visiting a private garden?

Some garden lovers will share their passion with you at Beynac, Ginette's Garden, or the garden of Mardaloux at Saint Martin le vieux or something quite unusual, at Séreilhac you can visit the " Domaine de Villeuneuve" whose particularity is to grow saffron, a pure moment of magic in october when all the flowers are all in full bloom!